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About us

Join the e-commerce revolution. Follow your favorite web creators and buy the products and services they truly recommend from their RefSpace stores.

RefSpace is where Web Creators sell things they personally use and are happy with.
No more searching through channels, profiles and accounts looking for an item or product that your favorite creator once talked about in his material. With RefSpace you have everything at your fingertips. All you have to do is enter his store and you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Looking for information or entertainment? Visit the channel, profile or account of your favorite creator without fear that he will also want to sell you something. Do you want or need to go shopping? Go to RefSpace, where you can be sure that people you trust sell only what they recommend with a clear conscience, because they use it themselves.

Do you want to additionally support your favorite creator and encourage him to create even better content? Excellent. Buy RefCash from your favorite creator for € 10 or € 20, and a surprise in the form of a certificate and personalized thanks from the creator will be waiting for you.

Orders are handled by professional sellers (online stores), who will contact you immediately after placing the order and ship you the goods, answer any of your questions and complaints, and accept the return of the product in accordance with the regulations.

Company data:

Name: Refspace LTD

Company number: 14127969

Address: 85 Great Portland Street First Floor London W1W 7LT

Contact: [email protected]